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    Copper Pipe Fittings
    Test fittings
    Spherical joints
    Pagoda-style connectors
    Card sets of pneumatic pipe-joints
    Quick Connector
    Hose connector
    Transition joints
    Stainless steel pipe joints
    Annex of the joints
    Automobile fittings
    Welded pipe joints
    Pipe joints card sets
    Expanding pipe joints
    Contact MR.Qi
    TEL 0574-62971465
    FAX 0574-62973566
    M-TEL: (0)13656787373
    E-mail: [email protected]


           Ms Taojiayishiyajixiean located in the China Yangmei Township - Zhejiang Yuyao City Jangma town, 30 km from Ningbo City, from Hangzhou only over one hour journey, from one of China's three major ports of Ningbo Beilun port, and only one-hour drive, from Ningbo International Airport 40 minutes, and is built located in Hangzhou Bay Bridge in close proximity, with the Shanghai after the opening of the straight-line distance from only 80 kilometers. Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway from the side by side, and the town of Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway wear off, and convenient communications facilities.

           I plant a variety of pipe joints and valves professional producers, with all types of machinery processing equipment, including various types of small CNC lathe, milling machine, gauges lathes, screw machines, drilling, cutting machines and other equipment readily available. I plant and the joint production of hydraulic pneumatic valve is essential accessories industry, the wider use of its oil refining and chemical industry, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, medicine, textile, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, light industry, such as machinery and equipment control systems.

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